Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh dear Lord.

It's been almost 5 months...ahem...scratch that...more than 9 months since my last post. (I've started this post many times.) A lot has happened both knitting-wise and otherwise. My Daddy passed away. Since he'd retired, he played Santa Claus for the local hospital where he volunteered, for the Salvation Army, and for various friends around town. He died on Dec. 6th, the Feast of St. Nicholas Day. I don't think I will ever be able to express how much I still miss him and always will. If I write very much more on the subject, I'm liable to dissolve into a nasty, snotty mess so that will have to be enough said on that subject. Obviously, the holidays were less than jolly, though much bad behavior was excused with "Daddy would have wanted me to do that." He was quite a joker. I have been doing relatively well, but then my birthday came and Father's day, and I found myself in another very sad place thinking about him A LOT again. I know it will hurt less eventually, or that is what I tell myself anyway. The lit up crystal thing was a gift from our playgroup. He had played Santa Claus for the every one of the playgroup's Christmas parties.

Moving on. Let's see what else I wrote back in January or February when I started this post.

Knitting-wise I've been VERY busy since September, but some of the things posted in September haven't really changed all that much. That pillow cover is still in about the same spot. The frou frou cardigan is only about 1/3 of the way through the sleeves which isn't much farther at all. The Mystery Stole, aka Swan Lake stole, was completely abandoned when I decided I needed the needle it was on and discovered that about 2 inches worth of stitches had been dropped mysteriously while it was languishing in its project bag. Since the repair of such is likely to require complete absence of children in the house, lots of time, and possibly much cursing, it is completely in time-out for now. EDIT*** Not anymore! I finished that sucker. I'll put pictures of it in the next post. It's up in the closet and I don't want to drag it out right now.***
The baby socks and the slipped-stitch rib socks were finished. I have pictures of the baby socks, but not the slipped-stitch rib socks. They were low ankle socks as requested by my MIL. They were meant to be a birthday gift, but, as they weren't finished until after New Year's and her birthday was Dec. 4, they were quite belated. ***Here ends the text I started originally. Jeez, I never even described what's in these pictures! There are Rose's purple felted clogs on the top left, Mom's socks on the top right. Directly to the left is Jess's felted purse (a Sophie bag), and to the right are Tommy's not-so-horcrux socks. He wanted ankle socks so I had to modify that pattern. Now let's see if I can get some more Christmas present pix in here cuz there were lots more!

Ok, these are Shadow Box socks from Knit Socks! They are just plain old Wool-ease in heathered rose or something like that. Below the Shadow Boxes is the One Row Scarf in some Debbie Mumm yarn from Joann's. I don't remember the name of the yarn or the name of the colourway. It was pretty cool. Next we have some dishcloths for my stepMIL. One is the petal dishcloth and the other is a crocheted star dishcloth also from the Dishcloth Boutique.

I am going to quit on this post for now. I can't remember what else I've worked on since Christmas--other than finishing that Mystery Stole and countless socks--so I will post again soon. I promise! Hey, I have spinning stuff to post too (yes, I've been assimilated) so I really will post again soon. ;-)