Monday, May 29, 2006

Three rose posts in one day? Inconceivable!

It's amazing what a very hot, humid Midwestern day will do to roses. If you haven't looked at the other rose posts below go do that now. I took those pictures between 8 and 10 a.m. I took this next group of pictures around 7 p.m. this evening. Some of the roses look quite different.

Ok, remember that pretty lavender rose Sterling Silver at the bottom of my first rose post. (Scroll down; you'll find it.) It was just beginning to think about unfurling it's beauty. This is it after a day in the sun.
This next one is Pretty Lady, most of whose buds were not even really thinking about opening this morning.
Remember that Double Delight bloom with all the red, the center of which was still tightly furled? Here it is this evening. QUITE different.
These next two are Queen Elizabeth, a grandiflora. This first one was nowhere near even beginning to open this morning.
This one completely unfurled was only slightly open, not even as much as the one above. By end of day tomorrow it will be done. :(
I couldn't get any good pictures of my old-fashioned rose on the fence. It's still mostly buds, but the few that were looking like they might open today or tomorrow? Completely spent to the point of dropping petals in less than a day! I am NOT happy. >:( How can I enjoy them when they're done so quickly? :( *sigh*

More roses

Here is the other Golden Celebration. It so far has stayed much bushier than the other so we don't use a trellis with it.
This one is Scentimental, another floribunda.
It has a fairly strong scent, though it's not nearly as strong as Golden Celebration. The flowers can vary greatly. Some seem to be white streaked with red, while others are predominantly red streaked with white. I included closeups to show the variation.

More to come as more of the roses open.

Lots of Rose Pictures

I'm so excited! My roses are starting their first flush of blooms! I feel like a proud mama! This first one is Sunflare, a floribunda.

I love this one. It rarely gets black spot or other rose diseases. It will be covered with these pretty yellow blossoms practically all summer long. It's actually a lot smaller this year than it was last. There was a lot of winter dieback this year, probably because I was lazy and didn't get out the cones last fall. Oops.

Next we have a closeup of Golden Celebration, an Austen rose. It smells heavenly!

And a picture of the whole bush. I have two of these. This one is growing very vertically so we gave it a trellis. The other one has stayed more bushy, though the canes will get pretty long by summer's end.

This is Double Delight. It's showing a lot more red today. Yesterday it showed more white, but the weather has been so hot and humid that I'm sure the colors of blended roses are going to vary greatly. It smells wonderful!

This is Sterling Silver. I thought I was going to lose this one, but it perked up pretty quickly this spring. I had to cut off the winter killed canes all the way to the ground, but it still made it.

Apparently, I can't add more pictures to this entry so I'll have to start another entry for more pics.