Saturday, June 10, 2006


Here are lots of things I've started. Colors may not be true. I toook these photos by the light of this overcast, rainy morning. First we have the Lucy bag I started this morning as a birthday present to myself.
Next up, the baby socks that have been on the needles forever. Yes, I am working on two different socks at one time. At the time I started these, they were going to be for boy/girl twins. Then I got tired of the project so they've been in limbo forever. If I ever get to working on them again, I'll at least have one pair done pretty quickly, but then another whole sock to work on. *sigh*
This will some day be a picovoli. The yarn is Knitpicks Shine in blush. When I cast it on, I had just finished a honeymoon cami also in Shine and I think I was just tired of working with that yarn! I'll get back to this one eventually.
The blasted X-back tank. This stuff would be fine if I just could keep from sticking the blasted needles through it. *twitch* This project may turn into a dress for dd.
And here we have the one sock, destined to be 1/2 of a pair for an undetermined period of time, especially if the carpal tunnel keeps acting up. I'd post the pic of it on my foot, but it makes my ankle look fat, and my ankle is NOT fat, dammit!

I may post some FOs later today to redeem myself cuz I have finished stuff, really, I have!

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