Monday, December 11, 2006

Just some babbling, no pics.

I'm just kind of going to babble here. I have no pictures of FOs to post, though I have finished stuff. My MIL has borrowed our digital camera so I'm just screwed with regards to posting pics. I finished ds's Sherwood sweater. He looks so handsome in it! I crocheted dd a red sweater within about a day and a half. I used the Sweet pattern from and Jiffy yarn by Lion Brand. I am not a fan of that yarn. It just gets fuzzier and fuzzier every time it's worn, and since she's three, I have to wash it after every wearing which just contributes to the fuzz and pilling. I finished and felted another Sophie and now I'm really kinda irritated about the camera cuz I'll be gifting the Sophie tonight and won't have taken a picture of it. :( Those double-knit socks in the previous post? I had to frog them and restart them. I had crossed yarns all the way back in the first row. *twitch* They are maybe an inch done since restarting. The double-knitting goes very slowly, and since I mastered the technique, I just haven't felt like working on them. Of course the amount of Christmas knitting/crocheting that I'm doing doesn't help the matter. I desperately want to cast on something for myself (socks!), but I have to finish three other projects first: a froufrou cardigan (from The Happy Hooker), yet another Sophie bag out of SWS, and a Branching Out scarf. I wouldn't post pics of them anyway since they're Christmas gifts, and although I don't think any of the recipients are blog readers, I wouldn't want to take the chance. This is the second Branching Out I've done, and I am enjoying it much more the second time around. I understand the construction of lace better (although I don't think I've really done anything else lacey). I don't have to follow the pattern as closely now. I can see which decrease I need to do based on which way the line of stitches should lean. It's just easier now that I'm more experienced.
I did a lot of tatting this weekend. It's the time of year for gifting tatted snowflakes. I finished five and intend to make probably one or two more. They are stiffening as I type. This year I branched out into a couple of beaded patterns. They weren't any more difficult than the beadless ones; I just had to string beads onto the ball thread before winding the shuttle. I'm going to look for some more beaded patterns on the internets.
We have surprisingly gotten a LOT of our Christmas shopping done already. We are completely finished with the kids, and as always seems to happen, they are getting too much! *sigh*

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