Sunday, January 21, 2007

You can only imagine my frustration.

Dh fixed the camera disk. I can take pictures again. So yesterday I took sixteen knitting-related photos. I decided to save them to the computer so I could work on an obscenely long and photo-loaded entry that would make those with dial-up weep into their cereal. . .or whatever. Imagine my frustration when I insert the disk into the computer, and the computer recognizes the disk, but insists there is nothing there. 0 items. 0 bytes. WTF?! I took a deep breath and removed the disk from the computer. Put it back in the camera. Viewed my photos on the camera. They are still there. The computer can insist the disk is empty all it wants but I know better. When dh awakes, I will assign him the task of figuring out how in the blazes I can get the photos on the blog when the computer doesn't think there are any. (He still hasn't taught me HTML.)


alanna rose said...

Cna't help you with the camera issues, but there's an Idiot's Guide to HTML out there. I actually used it to get through more than one coding class in college.

Rachel said...

Dh showed me how to steal elements from others' blogs, but didn't teach me much in the way of real coding. It's still a lot of trial and error on my part.