Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another quick and dirty c&p post

Ok, I'm cheating and copied and pasted this entry from the Sybermoms Stash KAL blog. This blog needed an update, and I hadn't posted these footies here. I did have to reload the photos, but otherwise it's a completely plagiarized post. If I can plagiarize myself, that is.
These are my toe-up footies with baby cables. They are basically exactly what I intended when I bought the yarn. I followed the toe-up method outlined in the Summer 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. It already used my favorite short-row heel method, and the toe was pretty simple too. I did them two at once also, though I did the first couple rows on dpns then I transferred them to the 32" KP circular and used magic loop. They seemed to take forever, but at least they were both finished at the same time. I used Lang Jawoll Cotton Jacquard. Oddly enough, it didn't become a stash yarn till May. *blush* I guess I just don't like my stash yarns that much. The last three projects I started were done with yarn purchased on free days in April and May. I only bought the one skein of the yarn intending to get a pair of footies out of it. If my feet had been much longer I wouldn't have made it. In the picture above you can see all that was left of the yarn after binding off! They are perhaps a bit lower on my heels than I would prefer, but they stay on and they feel great!

In other progress, I have one and a half Monkey socks done. I just started the second feather-and-fan sock. In the planning stages I have a striped set-in sleeve sweater from the top down using yarn that has been in the stash for 3+ years, plus a ball I picked up at the LYS anniversary sale last week. It counts as a birthday present since I bought it the day before my birthday, and dh has referred to it as my birthday yarn. I also am making it a goal to finish the VCTHoodie that I started back when it was still wintery out. Dh ordered a new camera which should come next week, and in the mean time he has somehow managed to repair one of the camera disks. I expect to spend much of the weekend and next week photographing my stash and WIPs to add to Ravelry.


Corey said...

You rock those socks, missee!


Rachel said...

LOL Thanks, Corey! :D