Friday, July 13, 2007

Finally got started on MS3!!!

My yarn finally arrived on Thursday. I was a little leery about using black, but it turns out to be a heathered black with bits of blues and greens. It's quite lovely. I've only wound up one skein into a ball so far.
I only got the first 50 rows done yesterday. This pattern is a challenge. It is the most complex lace chart with which I've worked, and placing those darn beads is quite fiddly. My almost four-year old likes to sit on the edge of my chair when I'm knitting and hold my hair or just lean on me. I can NOT stand for her to be there when I'm doing a beading row. The little tiny hook, trying to catch all the strands of the laceweight, and not drop anything is a bit more than I can handle when she gets to jiggling her feet or wiggling around.
Above is the gauge swatch. It turned out a bit airy, but I think it will work. I liked it much better after blocking it out.

In FO news, I finished the Forest Canopy Shawl out of Koigu KPPPM. This is a horrible picture so just imagine a better one until I can get a better one taken. Ugh.
The WIPs are still going, but I haven't been working on them diligently. I've been distracted with lace. The feather & fan socks are still stalled out on the cuff. I did several rows on the Bellatrix socks while the kids played at the park, but didn't make very much progress. When I get caught up with the Mystery Stole 3, I'll devote more time to the socks. They're really my out and about projects more than sitting at home projects.

FiberArts club was awesome on Wednesday. We had three brand new people, one of whom decided to join the homemakers' club. One of the others was already a member of another extension club but wants to learn to crochet and/or knit. The third for now will probably just be one who comes to sit and knit rather than join homemakers.

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