Thursday, February 09, 2006

I made the Olympic Team!

The Knitting Olympics, that is. I will be making a shrug to wear with my Easter dress. It will be made of a loverly 50/50 silk and wool blend yarn in a very pretty pink. You can check it out at the Team Sybermoms blog. Scroll down to the entry entitled "Frick's Project." The idea of the Knitting Olympics is to choose something that it would be a challenge for you to finish in the 16 days of the Olympics, cast on during opening ceremonies, and bind off sometime before the closing ceremonies end. As proof that knitters really are taking over the world, there are now more knitters signed up for the Knitting Olympics than athletes competing in the real Olympics. Check it out here: Yarn Harlot's official Knitting Olympics Page

I will need to finish dh's sweater some time in the next 36 hours. I'm on the last few inches of the second sleeve so it shouldn't be a problem if I can just get some time to sit and knit.

Entries to come: Pics of dh's sweater, FO's I forgot to post yesterday, my crocheted yoga mat bag and pattern that I WROTE MYSELF! Yeah, I'm a little proud of myself on that one. Over 20 years of crochet experience, and I finally wrote a pattern. I'll babble more on that when I post the pattern.

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